BRIDGE- makes music sync in iphone a lot easier

There are many reasons why so many persons have purchased iPhone, but it has few disadvantages and one of them being the transferablity of songs within iPhone,every time u need a song u needed to sync it with the iTunes right? i know how hard it is, i own a iPhone myself so” i hear you brother”.Even after JB i searched for an app that would makes me feel better,i goggled it,yet i didn’t find anything that i like. I was an android user before so when i was thinking did i made the right thing of changing to I-device? Then i found this app in cydia called “Bridge”


Alright Enough of my troubles,lets get on with the app now shall we, so what exactly does bridge does? well it transfer the songs from your browser/i file and transfer it to the music app,it also has options to transfer them to the tones in settings. It also has various other options like you can add the album artwork for the songs,also u can play the songs while transferring, also u can rename the song/ ringtone before transferring .it lacks some options like adding many songs altogether because bridge allows you only to transfer once a time. other than that i can assure you that the app works absolutely flawless ,i have transferred more than 75 songs myself and yet to encounter a problem. so i say ditch your iTunes and its syncing get the app,because its worth it !


App name : BRIDGE
Version : 1.1.2
Author : Jonas gessner
Repo : Big boss
Price 1.99 $

you need to have your idevice jail-broken,to have cydia, in which u will find the app

There is tutorial inside the app about the how to’s .picture speaks better than words so here are few snaps


Also this is my first blog, feel free to comment on how to improve


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