LIVEPAPERS – Lively (I)phone

If u had once used an android phone and changed to iPhone one of the most beautiful thing that will be missed is the live wallpapers.Even after i had changed most of my friends have android when i see those koi live wallpapers when those fishes swim on lock screen i missed my s2 real bad.i have searched a had found myself already an app which provided the same to but it had some stability issues so i had to uninstall it, But this “live papers” developed by Porkholt Labs really means business. Image

live papers brings fully customizable and battery efficient app to iPhone .

IMG_1400[1] livepapers1 livepapers3

As of now there are only two live wallpaper addons are available they are nexus & bubble pro, both work like a charm, its been my phone for 10 days now & no problems encountered yet, not only it provides live wallpapers but you can also customize it as you wish,for e.g, in nexus wallpaper there are four fixed colors that comes with the addons but in live paper app we can change it to our need , u can alter the speed of the stripes,length , width every thing, also we can change the background to our wish.We can also have an diff wallpaper for our lock-screen and another one for home-screen .Another most interesting thing of all is that it comes with touch interactions, It has many other features as well. Although the price of the app is free you need to purchase the addons. So what are you waiting for go get the app.





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