METROON – This is Windows 8 on your iPhone

We all know about the dreamboard app in cydia right?It is indeed an unique app, But i wasn’t quite impressed with it i had downloaded lots of themes but haven’t felt comfortable/felt good about the themes.But this METROON theme is very different from other DB themes.It provides a real windows 8 experience on iPhone, like MIUI in android. I really was very much amazed of the detail the theme had, kudos to its developer. ladies and gentlemen i give u “METROON”


I have to say the theme is fantastic, you will experience it too when u get it on your idevice. the Default theme has various designed tiles for important apps.the theme also comes with the lock screen that is of swipe-up type which gives the experience of using an entirly different phone.When you hear songs and you come to home-screen the music tile displays the music thats beeing played and the lockscreen looks like the above image. Within the theme  you can change the color of the themes ,you can choose one from 9 colors and as for as  the background is concerend u can select  from 4 diiferent abstracts. The Theme itself has many advantages and there no flaws as far as i have used it.

since pic speaks better than words, im expressing it in pictures here are my snaps

4fdde530d79ab      4fdde530d71dc 4fdde530d6df3     IMG_1413[1]       IMG_1407[1]       IMG_1408[1]

From the above screen shots you would learnt about things that can be customized like, having a larger tile /smaller tile, changing the name of the username,turn a tile on/off, color of the notification banner.all these comes with the theme,but this theme can be also be modded and many more interesting addons can be added like win 8 system sound,live rss feed, live peoples tile, custom weather tiles and many more, i have tried all the addons .







Be sure to give it a try, if any doubt regarding how to mod, comment here


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