UNLIMTONES – “Kidnap tones to iPhone”

Zedge ,most of the persons who change their tones and wallpapers regularly would have known the site, Even though a Zedge app is available in app store it doesn’t quite satisfy our ears as it only satisfies our eyes alone.Todays topic is not about Zedge its about unlimtones, Why i frequently say about Zedge is our need to change our ringtones,we see a movie we get inspired by a  BGM or we fall in love with a song ,our next thing would be download the tone and assign it to ringtones. What all i said above is easily possible in any phone,But its pretty hard in an iPhone ,As you know the huge process.but jail breaking an iPhone does wonders. Here “unlimtones”  makes it easy for us . Here it is


 Everyone loves ringtones but paying 5$  for a 30 sec music clip is a a lot .With this app you can download tones straight to your ringtones folder in settings, The app lets u download straight from “audiko.net” . It consist of all songs from famous to infamous songs.They also update the songs regularly . Each song is already cut up in various seconds and is ready-made to use , You can also cut songs of your own from tour music-library and use it as tone too.so u can use it as a ringtone cutter , As for the app doesn’t have any glitches. One of the best app that i have used

unlimtones1                      UnlimTones-4.7-11

        App details

Name : Unlimtones

Version: 4.7-60

Author: Unlimapps

Price : Free

Compatibility  : Above ios 5.1

Repo : Bigboss

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