TEMPUS – Player Onscreen

Everybody loves music , so today we are gonna discuss about a music tweak for the lock screen called “Tempus” . we all want things to be simple, want shortcuts,easy ways to achieve things right, its after all in human nature we all like to do things in a easy way. the developer of the tempus have done exactly that by giving you a full music player on lock screen. Here im to discuss its full feature .


Tempus is a fully featured music player built into your lock screens.
Tempus allows u to access the music library without unlocking your iDevice
all u need to do is slide down the clock and it will reveal ” Tempus”
It has a very beautiful ui to work with. We can also make use of the music control
and the brightness control by swiping the clock left/right .You can share  songs via facebook,twitter just  by
pressing the tempus symbol on the music player.you dont need to be steve jobs handle the app
this,So what are u wait for,grab your iPhone that’s lying next to you ,search for tempus on cydia
install it and explore the app

Few screenshots

50fa6b173b478     513b4c340c430

App Details

Name : Tempus

Author : danyl

Repo : modmyi

Version : 1.1

Price : Free

As far the tweak  is concerned its error free, If u like my blog  follow it through email


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