PUSHTONE – For Those Who Said iPhone Ain’t Customisable

Here I’m with another tweak for tones.There are persons who ask these questions  “you can’t change tone for other apps eh ?” i feel like saying  or showing my middle finger ,but the persons is right, a smart phone that’s worth for half of my motorbikes value and you cant make it do what you want, now that’s a heartache .iPhone isn’t made for customizations ,we all know that.But thats why we jailbreak it.to unlock the possibilities of doing the impossible.Today i bring to you a tweak which has done the impossible ” .Here we go !!!!


‘PushTone’ allows you to change the default push notification sound for any app that supports push notification. Normally you’re only limited to the default push sound that comes with the app , but with PushTone you use any sound from your sound  library.there is also a push vibrate which allows u to set different vibrations for every separate apps . That’s all u need to know about the app.

 From now on in all my upcoming blogs i’m  going to explain with steps

STEP 1 – Open cydia

STEP 2 – Search for pushtone,and install it

STEP 3 – Go to settings & scroll down and u will find pushtone

STEP 4 – Push the enable button, now exit

STEP 5 – Go to notification center and open your favourite app ( mine is       whatsapp)

STEP 6 – Now u will find 2  small buttons which u wouldn’t have seen it before                  (you know what im talking about now go on ,click it)

step 7 – Now change the tone whatever u like ,

              Here are screen shots and app details

 pushtone2       pushtone1

            App Details

          NAME : PUSHTONE
REPO : BigBoss
PRICE :  Free


One thought on “PUSHTONE – For Those Who Said iPhone Ain’t Customisable

  1. I love this pushtone app but it won’t work on IOS version 7

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