FLAGPAINT – ♥ Paint Your iPhone ♥

Well my dear followers and viewers of my blog, Today im not gonna introduce a tweak for your ears its gonna be for your eyes.Past week i have given many tweaks for music and tones,its time that i give you guys a little variety. Aren’t we bored to see the same dreary, lackluster, basic, lifeless ios banner. Im very much bored. So i searched and found something that might cheer me aswell as  you. The tweak allows you to  change the banner in various ways. So join me, lets explore the app


There are two apps available they are the lite version and the full version

The tweak will paint your banners so that they match the color of the application icon that displays on the banner. You can tap on the “Test Notification” button from the preferences pane for Flag-paint Lite to invoke a fake banner notification so you can see how the tweak affects your notification banners.

The full version of Flag-paint allows you to have transparency, different banner animations, and the ability to show or hide banner elements. The Lite version of Flag-paint does a semi-decent job of showing you how the colored banners will look, but if this is your favorite feature of the full version of Flag-paint you can go with flag-paint lite itself instead of buying the full. When the tweak was first released it was only compatible with ios 6 but now its compatible with ios 5.1 .


Step 1 – go to cydia

step 2 – search flagpaint and install it

step 3 – go to settings look for flag paint

step 4 – what ? u  still need steps , go and explore the app

after making changes test your notifications with the “test notification” button, I know the app is not free but give the developers who created a little credit and buy the app, you will love it


App Details

App name : Flagpaint

Author : HASHBANG & A3Tweaks

Repo : BigBoss

Price :  .99 $

compatabile : IOS 5.1+


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