CARROT – todays free app ( 2$ – 0$)

The app thats free for the the day is CARROT by Brian Mueller

Meet CARROT, the world’s first todo list with a personality. 
You keep this AI construct happy by getting things done in real life.

She’ll reward you

mzl.cuzppnwz.320x480-75★ Featured by Apple, Mashable, Uncrate, CTV, LifeHacker, AppAdvice, and many more! ★

★ Top 5 productivity app in 40 countries! ★

“CARROT is adorable. I have a huge grin on my face from using her.” – Louie Mantia, Pacific Helm

“CARROT won me over with her charm and superb design.” – Erica Sadun, TUAW

“Normally, iPhone apps exist for my amusement. In this case, I exist for CARROT’s amusement.” – Jacob Lopez, VentureBeat

“CARROT breathes new life into todo lists.” – The Strand

“If you want an extra kick in the [pants] from a sadistic robot, you’ll want to give CARROT a shot.” – LifeHacker

Users, critics, and supercomputers the world over have fallen in love with CARROT and her twisted personality. What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation? Download CARROT now!

mzl.cuzppnwz.320x480-75 mzl.fctgcloj.320x480-75 mzl.vjqxiftb.320x480-75 mzl.kqmzpwuh.320x480-75

From the above reviews it seems to be that the app is very interesting im gonna download it, hurry up its free only for the day

App Details


Developer : Brian Mueller

compatibility : IOS 6+

Link :


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