Themes – Bitesms

As promised before, Today i give you the  details of the themes available in bitesms. All the themes are built in a very detailed manner,list of the themes available in the app

1. Night by john conn


A sleek a sexy looking theme for Bitesms

compatabile only with ios 6+

2. DarkSMS Pro for biteSMS by Justin Raabe

This is the DarkSMS Pro theme for the biteSMS app! A great app, deserves a great Theme. Available in the MacCiti Repository in Cydia™ for just $1.00. This darker-styled design was created by Justin Raabe and completed on 02/24/13. For Retina devices only. Works on any iDevice that has biteSMS! DarkSMS Pro is a High-Definition theme that was made with you in mind. This theme delivers a fully customized, simple, but precise, and overall cool design into this wonderful end result, the DarkSMS Pro theme. Apply the theme through the biteSMS app itself, no need for Winterboard.


3. Biteliquid by devin dickson

horiz The image says it all doesnt it

4. Zeilk Matte by zeilk


5.  biteSquare by bitesms


6. bitethafly pro by michael poole

screenshots of the theme

There are still many more themes in developing stage , awaiting for their releases


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