APP of the day NEWSCLOCK ($2 —» $0)


NewsClock is a completely new application that combines the news that has been localized in your area with beautiful FlipClock.


Scene spread use of this application, depending on your imagination.
For example, a new gadget news flows just leaning against your iPhone to your laptop at work.

Since the article will be updated at regular intervals, busy at breakfast, your iPhone changed to a newspaper can confirm the news and time without using both hands.

Because you have purchased a new iPhone, it would be many people with the iPhone that is no longer used also.
When such, doomed to the “NewsClock” the love of your iPhone with this application!
Your life should be more fun for sure!

You should be able to be more and more interesting use your imagination surely.

“NewsClock” has potential to be something better in your life a scene like this.

mzl.iqdwbdce.320x480-75 mzl.ndeecpur.320x480-75 mzl.wqomgnuc.320x480-75

Regions that are currently supported are as follows.
United Kingdom
United States (English)
United States (Spanish)
Canada (English)
Canada (French)
Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia

Hurry up The offer stands only for the day

IOS compatibility  : IOS 6+


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