Earth Livepaper – At the end you will say “Awesome”

Themes, i just love the word since my first nokia  till this iPhone,i needed my device to look different daily.Dut after i installed this earth live wallpaper which is a theme for livepapers, i havent changed the theme for the past week.My readers would think that, “just because this crackhead didnt change the theme does it mean its good ? ” well the below screenshots will answer your all kinds of questions.


Earth LivePaper is yet another option for the popular LivePapers jailbreak tweak. Earth LivePaper is different from the rest of the LivePapers because it displays Earth on the display and the earth will rotate with the user’s finger when they swipe on the display. The LivePaper comes with a ton of options the user can configure as well.


The preferences include positioning options, rolling and pitching options, rotation speed options, time of day options, color options, background options, frames per second options, and much more. Users can tap the reset to defaults button at the bottom of the preferences to set all of the options back to the defaults.


I KNOW YOU SAID AWESOME,THE THEME IS COOL , MAKE SURE  YOU TRY IT , ITS MY ADVICE, i may be a freak but the tweaks arent


Author : Porkholt labs

Repo : BigBoss

Price : $2

compatibility  :  >5.0


One thought on “Earth Livepaper – At the end you will say “Awesome”

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