“Alertmate” – Stunning PoPups

I love to write reviews about the tweaks rather than to write about the istore apps, Because when the idevice is jailbreak-ed the iPhone experiences freedom,When you are free you express the best of you,The same applies to iDevices. I only review tweaks which are worthy to try and which doesnt brick your device.  My readers know how crazy im about how my iphone looks, Even a slight bit of altering my iphone makes me happy, If you too are like me then This tweak  is for you.this tweak makes your iphone supercool , lets explore the tweak


Alertmate is a tweak that allows you to customize the animation style of your pop-up alerts. The tweak comes with several different animations to choose from, which can be chosen from the preferences pane in the Settings application


 Animations can be chosen  from :

  • Default
  • No effect
  • Zoom out
  • Zoom in
  • Bounce
  • Push in
  • Push out
  • Sliding down
  • Sliding right
  • Flipping in
  • Rolling in 1
  • Rolling in 2
  • Screwed in 1
  • Screwed in 2

The best of all , is there are other two cool options with the tweak,which enables your iDevice to speak who messages you and the subject of the message, cool right ? The voice is of  like  Michael caine (From  Batman). The tweak is free but, If you think after using the tweak its worth to donate , then please do.

Hey you ?!  still looking at my Blog, go on, unlock your device get started, and comment me how the tweak is


Name: Alertmate
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: Daniel Taub


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