April 6

I know this is out of my league, but lets all learn something about our past,who knows we might be amazed of many things, like do you know today was the “Day the First modern  Olympics was held”  & many exciting informations


1776  AMERICAN REVOLUTION Congress opens all U.S. ports to international trade
1853 AUTOMOTIVE Emil Jellinek-Mercedes born
1862 CIVIL WAR Battle of Shiloh begins,
1990 COLD WAR U.S. and Soviet negotiators make progress
1970 CRIME Sam Sheppard dies
1950 DISASTER Train falls off bridge in Brazil
1830 GENERAL INTEREST Mormon Church established,
1909 GENERAL INTEREST Peary’s expedition reaches North Pole
1968 HOLLYWOOD A Space Odyssey released
1895 LITERARY Oscar Wilde arrested
1974 MUSIC The Eurovision song contest launches a bona fide star
1832 OLD WEST Black Hawk War begins
1841 PRESIDENTIAL Tyler is inaugurated as 10th president
1896 SPORTS First modern Olympics is held
1965 VIETNAM WAR U.S. ground combat troops to take offensive measures
1972 VIETNAM WAR U.S. forces respond to North Vietnamese offensive
1917 WORLD WAR I U.S. enters World War I
1941 WORLD WAR II Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece

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