April 9 – “Battle of the Lys “

The Battle of the Lys  was part of the 1918 German offensive in Flanders during World War I (also known as the Spring Offensive). It was originally planned by General Ludendorff as Operation George but reduced to become Operation Georgette, with the objective of capturing Ypres and forcing the British forces back to the Channel ports (and thereby out of the war). The battle began on 9 April 1918, and lasted until 29 April. In planning, execution and effects, Georgette was similar to (although smaller than) Operation Michael, earlier in the Spring Offensive


Despite the initial success of Operation Georgette, the British defensive positions in Armentieres were better prepared and more tenacious than those at the Somme, and the Germans managed to advance only 12 kilometers by the time Ludendorff closed down the operation on April 29. By this time, morale on both sides of the line was at a low point, due to heavy losses, but neither was ready to give in. The Germans looked to the next stage of their offensive, against the French at the Aisne River, as the Allies readied their defenses, each side believing that the outcome of the First World War hung in the balance.

Other Historical Bits

AMERICAN REVOLUTION : Jeremiah Wadsworth named commissary general, 1778
AUTOMOTIVE: Honda wins World Green Car award, 2009
CIVIL WAR: Confederate General Lee surrenders, 1865
COLD WAR: George Shultz condemns Soviet spying, 1987
CRIME: A husband attempts murder for money in England, 1984
DISASTER: Tornado reduces Oklahoma town to rubble, 1947
GENERAL INTEREST:  Marian Anderson sings at Lincoln Memorial, 1939 ;Germany invades Norway; 1940 First      astronauts introduced, 1959 ;Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles wed, 2005
HOLLYWOOD: Sophia Loren wins Best Actress Oscar for Two Women, 1962
LITERARY: Mark Twain receives steamboat pilot’s license, 1859
MUSIC: Marian Anderson sings on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, 1939 ;OLD WEST Billy the Kid convicted of murder, 1881
PRESIDENTIAL : Kennedy throws first pitch at new D.C. stadium, 1962
SPORTS : Gervin beats Thompson in NBA scoring title duel, 1978
VIETNAM WAR : “Chicago Eight” plead not guilty, 1969
WORLD WAR I : Battle of the Lys begins, 1918
WORLD WAR II : Germany invades Norway and Denmark, 1940 ;U.S. surrenders in Bataan, 1942

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