April 10 – ” Oscar for chaplin”

As part of his first visit to the United States in 20 years, British film pioneer Charlie Chaplin accepts an honorary Academy Award for his “incalculable” contribution to the art of filmmaking. Chaplin, once America’s most successful movie star and director, had left the country under a storm of controversy in 1952.

charlie chaplin silent star

Bits From Past
AMERICAN REVOLUTION : John Paul Jones sets out to raid British ships 1778,
AUTOMOTIVE : Hertz rental car founder born 1879,
CIVIL WAR : General Lee gives final address to troops 1865,
COLD WAR : U.S. table tennis team visits communist China 1971,
CRIME : A torture chamber is uncovered by arson 1834,
DISASTER : Atomic submarine sinks in Atlantic 1963,
GENERAL INTEREST: Zapata assassinated in Mexico 1919
     Bataan Death March begins 1942
   Chaplin receives Oscar 1972,
HOLLYWOOD : First color 3-D film opens  1953,
LITERARY : The Gift of the Magi is published  1906,
MUSIC : Paul McCartney announces the breakup of the Beatles  1970,
OLD WEST : Civilian Conservation Corps created  1933,
PRESIDENTIAL : FDR creates Civilian Conservation Corps 1933,
SPORTS : Tiger Woods wins fourth Masters 2005,
VIETNAM WAR : Poll reveals that public approval of Vietnam policy is down  1970
      B-52s begin bombing North Vietnam 1972,
WORLD WAR I : Congress of Oppressed Nationalities closes in Rome  1918,
WORLD WAR II : Croatia declares independence  1941,

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