Bonus for the day – ” Minute Commander ”

Minute Commander By Pauli Ojanen

Minute Commander is a futuristic turn-based 3d naval battle game in which you can play against 1-3 of your friends or against computer players. The game is played with SINGLE device and one turn lasts one MINUTE. The main goal is to destroy your enemy. Each player has a fleet consisting of one heavy, two medium and two light class ships. The ships are equipped with stock weapons when the battle starts. Larger range of weapons are delivered to the battle area as the game advances.



– select your team from 18 unique naval ships (submarines, cruisers, carriers, light assault vessels..)
– change the appearance of the vehicles in real time by installing new weapons found in the game
– enjoy the beautiful 3d graphics with particle effects such as smoke, fire and explosions
– move freely in a 10 square kilometer 3d world and rotate/zoom it with familiar touch commands such as the pinch and the drag
– knock out your enemy with machine guns, cannons, plasma weapons, lasers, rocket launchers, torpedos, tsar bombs, mines and airstrikes
– protect your fleet with forcefields and escape the enemy with a teleport
– enjoy the awesome soundtrack or play your own favourite music at the background with iPod
– Up to 4 wireless (Wi-Fi) Joypads!
Retina Display support
– native iPad support
– a highly optimized file size, downloadable directly with 3g without requiring iTunes or Wi-Fi connection

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


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  1. I think so. I think your article will give those people a good reminding. And they will express thanks to you later

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