RADSONE – the music player ” Save $10

Searching for a solid music player with proper EQ? Or looking for a better sound? RADSONE is the answer. It definitely upgrades your sound to a whole new level!! Hear fundamentally clear sound! Also enjoy professional EQ! Really cool sound with stylish design, faithful support of iPod functionalities and an awesome integrated EQ. Ranked top 1 in 13 countries (including Japan) among many audio enthusiasts.


1. Radical Sound
– RADSONE’s Digital Noise Suppression minimizes digital sound noise to ensure comfortable music listening experience.

2. Stylish design
– High-end equipment style UI of hairlines, grills, LCD-look info screen, pro audio faders

3. Full functionalities of a music player
– Playlist, album art, lyrics, perfect multitasking, wireless (BT/Airplay), remote, scrubbing

4. Professional EQ
– Much easier than the Conventional EQ curve handling to simplify shaping your sound!
– Much more accurate swipe interface in 0.1 dB scale
– Responsive and musical due to the proportional Q-filtering in pro audio fields
– Exact frequency response
– 7 commonly used modes + 3 preset modes

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5. And much more
– Full iPhone 5 support
– Retina graphics
– Optimized for low battery consumption
– Immediate responses in album art change, play, search
– Detailed volume control in 0.25 dB steps
– Search / shuffle / repeat / swipe
– Seamless use of other apps while listening to music
– Bypass mode to compare
Output device or content specific modes accessed with easy touch interface
– Preset modes for sound customization
– RADSONE also works well with iPod docking or inside cars

– Tap title bar to display sound control window
– Tap each circled area in LCD window for more functions

– Devices: iPhone 3GS or over, iPod touch 3rd or over
iOS: 5.1 or over


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