Freebies For Poor People And Its Social And Economic Implication

          Freebies For Poor People And Its Social And Economic Implication

Why do we have freebies in the name of welfare? What would happen to humanity if there was no freebies ? Is it necessary? What if there was no freebies , would all poor people die? End freebies? If there was no freebies, working people wouldn’t have to support non-working people. Of course not all poor people would die, but would some of them? Even one child dying because of poverty seems like too much to me.


I have been coming through issues of  freebies in the name of welfare for many years.

I came to knew that the freebies given by our state has robbed peoples motivation, encouraged dependency, and created an era of protracted poverty mentality. But how can we withdraw a helping hand when so many are destitute already?

We can withdrew this helping hand, Do you think it couldn’t happen? Already California’s governor tried to abolish welfare for the poor, and if it could happen here, it could happen anywhere. Our country is in very bad shape, financially. Crores of rupees are now being sunk in extending such freebie schemes.

The government is giving from free rice to free television, grinders, mixie, cattle, laptop, gas stove, cycles, chappals , sarees etc to low-income families. Television is a luxury that should come only after attaining self-sufficiency in food, shelter, clothing and electricity. With various problems surrounding a person — power shortage, rising prices, water shortage, corruption, he has become a walking corpse. How can a person peacefully watch TV ?

Remember a saying “Catch a fish, the man will eat for a day. Teach him fishing he’ll eat for lifetime ”

The government of Tamilnadu has given free color TV, free rice, mixie, grider and fan to poor people that estimates upto Rs-12700 crores. The Existing Debt in the state is estimated  -1 lakh crores . The debt Tamil nadu is having, we have Rs 3000 on each of our heads but they are ready to give that amount for each vote if not for the election commission.They are richer than the state, richer than the country because they know our fish is in their hands.

If the government had used the money spent on free TV sets to provide proper infrastructure and power to the citizens they will be able to achieve  their own purchasing power to buy everything from television sets to cars. Our state has more than fifty percent below the poverty line. The political parties strategy of garnering votes through freebies  makes upset every time.When the income for the government is spent on such freebie schemes, the government is left with no money for launching productive programmes that would help in lifting the poor families from their poverty level.

 Many may say that the government is actually doing good work because they are spending the money earned on welfare schemes. But I have a different take on this!Isn’t there some other way to raise revenue? It is like feeding people something poisonous and then treating them with good medicines and medical care and then talking about how much we care!

Tamil Nadu faces many development challenges such as high poverty incidence,        inter-district and rural/urban disparities. The state also faces high rate of child malnutrition and high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Tuberculosis is re-emerging and non-communicable diseases are on the rise. The state has among the highest unemployment rates in the country. High school drop-out and low completion rates reduce the efectiveness of Tamil Nadu’s secondary education program. The economy faces critical water scarcity and land degradation issues The poor waits for the fish from different hands, The rich keeps the art of fishing to themselves. Why are people continuing to fall back on the state? The answer is dependency and laziness.


I must say that the government of Tamil Nadu has a big role to play in the  development of the state , what I fail to understand is why  has it not translated in ambition and industry among people to build on what they got and move ahead ?

In this essay i am not interested in creating a state of entrepreneurs or hard working people. I would like to lump the culture of dependence and subsidy that the state has created in funding for which it requires to become tavern owners !


One thought on “Freebies For Poor People And Its Social And Economic Implication

  1. TN is setting a bad example for the other states of India to follow. Shame!

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