Record ‘n’ Torch – something different

‘Record ‘n’ Torch’ Lets You Toggle the Flash On or Off in the Middle of a video

One of the limiting parts of the iOS Camera application is that you can’t enable the camera flash while you’re in the middle of recording. You have to enable the camera flash before or after you record a video and then you’re stuck with the selection you chose until you finish recording.this bothers me a lot, so i Found this tweak while surfing the net .


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Cascade – DOCK awesomised

The cascade tweak has quickly garnered a reputation of being a well sought out Cydia tweak for adding extra style to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. In case you have not heard of the cascade Cydia tweak before, What it does is brings a cover flow effect to your dock icons. When combined with theInfinidock Cydia tweak (scrolling dock) you get a really unique effect that resembles scrolling through album artwork via the


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“Alertmate” – Stunning PoPups

I love to write reviews about the tweaks rather than to write about the istore apps, Because when the idevice is jailbreak-ed the iPhone experiences freedom,When you are free you express the best of you,The same applies to iDevices. I only review tweaks which are worthy to try and which doesnt brick your device.  My readers know how crazy im about how my iphone looks, Even a slight bit of altering my iphone makes me happy, If you too are like me then This tweak  is for you.this tweak makes your iphone supercool , lets explore the tweak


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Live Wire “Unlocking device now got much cooler”

Change is the only thing that doesn’t change, we all want changes positive changes.This tweak gives a awesome change to your idevice, remember when there was the Tvtube unlocking style it was a viral, I believe this is going to be viral soon ,when unlocking you will find out why?


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Earth Livepaper – At the end you will say “Awesome”

Themes, i just love the word since my first nokia  till this iPhone,i needed my device to look different daily.Dut after i installed this earth live wallpaper which is a theme for livepapers, i havent changed the theme for the past week.My readers would think that, “just because this crackhead didnt change the theme does it mean its good ? ” well the below screenshots will answer your all kinds of questions.


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